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    Dental Services

    Smile Merchants, at its 7 branches, provides world class dental treatment using state-of-the-art dental instruments by well trained and experienced team of more than 40 MDS super specialists. Family dentist and other staff at each of our branch do their best to establish personal connection with you to provide you the best care you deserve that too at affordable prices. Each of our Branches is equipped to provide from most basic to the most sophisticated dental treatments. Our dental clinics available in Thane, Dombivali, Bhiwandi, Ulhasnagar

    Teeth Whitening Services

    Lightening the shade of your teeth by removing its stains or discoloration is known as Teeth Whitening. Teeth whitening is a common practice found today as majority of the patients…

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    Veneers and Compomers

    WHAT ARE VENEERS? Dental veneers are customized tooth colored shells designed to cover the frontal region of teeth to give an improvised appearance. They are often known as porcelain veneers…

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    Painless Root Canal Services

    WHAT IS ROOT CANAL TREATMENT? When the tooth pulp is damaged, it is to be removed. Removal of this damaged tooth pulp is known as root canal. Tooth pulp is…

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    Children Dentistry

    Children have delicate gums and jaws. To handle their dental care, an expert pedodontist is required who can gently manage these tiny lads. Since children up to 12 months have…

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    Teeth Straightening Services

    Crooked teeth can bring too many detriments in one’s life. Though it is a natural phenomenon, they often become an embarrassment for few when they pose for a close up…

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    Dental Implant Services

    What is a Dental Implant A Dental Implant is basically an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold either a single replacement tooth or a multi-tooth…

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